The Little Black Dress Project Begins on Monday, October 30th, and Ends on Sunday, November 26th

“The Little Black Dress Project is on a MISSION to help women to become

more self-confident, lose weight, reduce body fat and celebrate being a strong and sexy woman.”

This 28-Day Transformation Challenge can change your life!

YOU are ALREADY Amazing!

But... sometimes it takes a little sweat, support, and a LOT of fun to make you FEEL that way!

Women are always performing amazing balancing acts between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

Rarely do we make the time to put ourselves first. That’s exactly WHY I created The Virtual Little Black Dress Transformation Project Challenge…

The Little Black Dress Project "Challenge" is a step-by-step 28-day transformation program for women that includes a comprehensive clean meal plan, recommended supplementation, unlimited fat-burning & body sculpting workouts per week, empowering & educational workshops, support, and daily inspiration to help you feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING, & have the Confidence to ROCK that Little Black Dress.

Best of all, we made it easy to follow so it fits right into your busy lifestyle!

Brien Shamp

President of Brien Shamp’s 

Coaching, Nutrition & Fitness

Transformation Challenge Starts on Monday, October 30, 2023

At the end of the challenge, I encourage you to plan a Ladies' Night Out with your girlfriends to celebrate your journey

& rock your little black dress!

What’s The Little Black Dress Project All About?

Our Signature LBD Recipe Book (simple & fast recipe deliciousness.)

Unlimited Group Personal Training session each week - We have both Livestream Sessions

(you will meet with one of our coaches virtually and they will motivate you, correct your form, give you modifications as needed for injuries, skill, fitness, confidence and ability), and on-demand sessions (you can do these workouts anytime, anywhere). The on-demand sessions are recorded daily.

Workouts are designed to put you into the coveted "Afterburn" which is a state of having an elevated metabolism for well over 24 hours after your workout (the Afterburn is the real reason you'll burn maximum fat.) However, you can modify the workouts as needed to reduce your intensity. Our workouts are safe for beginners and those with injuries, and can be made more challenging for the advanced.

Weekly Print-and-Go Grocery Lists to make your life easy.

Basically, you'll just follow the program and you'll see that you're no longer bloated and you'll know that the foods you're eating are helping you lose maximum inches where it counts the most. 

Daily check-ins to keep you accountable!


This 28 day "Little Black Dress Project" transformation challenge starts on Monday, October 30, 2023.

At the end of the 28 days, you'll have lost at least one-two dress sizes and you'll comfortably fit in your new black dress! 

This program is for anyone at any fitness level... whether you're just starting out or if you've been working out for a long time. It will work for you because it truly is customized for your fitness level. 

Now, since I want to help as many women out as I can with this program, I've priced it really low considering the fact that you get a structured routine along with a nutrition plan and support that gives you even faster fat loss. 

Since this is a group program and because I want to help as many people as I can, I’ve priced this program for NEW or Returning Clients if they want to attend in person Bay Area Workouts in Belmont at an affordable $297 in one time payment! For those NEW or Returning Clients that will do Virtual workouts is at $247 ONLY.

Current Clients: The program is $97!

This is a GREAT DEAL considering you get to work with certified coaches (daily if you desire) who are going to motivate, educate and support you through this whole program. PLUS you’re getting a fat loss nutrition & lifestyle plan for the entire 28 days that is going to help you burn even more fat and lose more inches.


Given the limited-space we have for new clients, I expect this transformation challenge program will sell out fast. If you want to feel better, get holiday ready and you want to lose one-two dress sizes in only 28 days then click the box below to get started!

Committed to your health and fitness,
Brien Shamp

P.S. 28 days from now you could be down ONE -TWO DRESS SIZES, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself. Doesn't that sound better than struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and getting nowhere? Let's do this together!

P.P.S. Can't wait to see you soon!. I know you are going to love it!

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